2004 East Coast Conclave


Eastern Conclave of Single Wing Coaches


Eastern Conclave of Single Wing Coaches, Held at King’s College, hosted by: Todd Bross


3rd Annual Conclave March 12th and 13th, 2005

Day 1

  1. "The Spin Series" Dr. John Ward Head Coach, Harnett Central High School

  2. "Attacking the Short Side End with an Under Handoff"  Pete Kopecky Head Coach, Glen Cove High School

  3. "The Slide Rule Shift" Todd Bross Head Coach, Keystone Catholic Firebirds youth team

Day 2

  1. "The Interior Run Game" Paul Shanklin Assistant Coach, Wachung Hills HS

  2. "No Bull Shoulder Blocking" Steve Calande Head Coach, Kutztown Jr. High

  3. "The Direct Snap Fake Punt" Deron Bayer Assistant Coach, Housatonic High School

  4. "Single Wing Drills" Conclave attendees