2006 East Coast Conclave


Eastern Conclave of Single Wing Coaches


Eastern Conclave of Single Wing Coaches, Held at King’s College, hosted by: Todd Bross


5th Annual Conclave March 3rd and 4th, 2006

Day 1

  1. "Merging the Spread & Tight Single Wing Formations" Ed Melanson Offensive Coordinator St. Mary's High School (Note: 2005 MA 3A State Champs - a Conclave 1st!) Lynn, MA

  2. "KISSing the No Huddle Single Wing" Traymane Booker University Jaquars Youth Program Charlotte, North Carolina

  3. "Loading Your Single Wing Arsenal with the Spinner" Harold Strauss Head Coach Colton High School Colton, CA

  4. "The West Coast (Single) Wing" Jerome Learman Phd Head Football Coach Lake Michigan Catholic High School St Joseph, MI

Day 2

  1. "How to Block the Single Wing, it's not the Bible, just 'The Gospel According to John'" Dr. John Ward Head Coach Union High School Union, NC

  2. "Implementation of a Multiple Formation Direct Snap Offense" Steve Havens & Mark Moran Atlee High School Mechanicsville, VA

  3. "The Half-Spin Series From The Steve Owen 'A' Formation (With A Few Twists Thrown In)"  A LIVE WEBCAST FROM VIENNA, AUSTRIA!! Ted Seay Internationally Recognized Football Consultant Volunteer Assistant, Chrysler Vikings Youth Team Vienna, Austria

  4. "Conclave Freeform" TOPICS:

  5. "Turning the Quick Kick Into A Quick Punt" Joel Mathews - Assistant Coach, Ft. Osage High School, Independence, MO

  6. "MPPs and the Single Wing" Jim Barg - Head Coach, Rochester Bombers Youth Program, Rochester, NY

  7. "Cross Over Step Drills'" Dr. John Ward - Head Coach, Union High School, Union, NC

  8. "The Drill" Jeff Bayerl - Head 9th Grade Coach, Menominee High School, Menominee, MI