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2011 East Coast Conclave


Eastern Conclave of Single Wing Coaches


Eastern Conclave of Single Wing Coaches, Held at King’s College, hosted by: Todd Bross:



  • The Scott’s Breanch Hammer System, or How to change the Conversation on the other side of the field” Leonard Johnson Head Coach Scott's Branch HS Eagles - 2010 SC A-II State Champions Summerton, SC
  • "Wedge Play Variations, or What I Stole from Dr. John Ward" Batting 2nd, Playing 2nd base, #2 Denis Cronin......Cronin Offensive Coordinator North Middlesex HS Patriots
  • Townsend, MA
  • “Direct Snap Double Wing For Ages 8-18” Jim Barg Offensive Coordinator Holley HS Hawks Holley, NY
  • “Osbourn’s “Heavy” Formation – Where do you hang you SW hat?” John Minteer RB/LB Coach, Off/Def Assistant Coach Osbourn HS Eagles Osbourn, VA




  • The Annual "Sermon On The Podium" from St. John The Bald (and maybe a reading or two from St. Jit of Apopka?) “Lets spin again like we did last Autumn” John Ward Offensive Coordinator East Columbus Gators East Columbus, NC
  • "Single Wing 303" Dave Cisar Head Coach & Program Director Screaming Eagles Youth Football program Lancaster, NE
  • "Conclave Freeform" Conclave Attendees (Deron Bayer will be guaranteed to present & keep his streak alive)